Scott is one of our consultant partners. He is a leader in construction management innovation.

our leadership team


We are inspired by the vision of all developed nations, where there will no longer be poor countries. CTEDesigns hope to redefine the boundary between developing and developed countries.

History & Projects

Our founder

The idea of bringing development to people who need it the most is very defying but yet inspiring. It pushes me to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  Bridging the gap between developing nations and developed economies by making knowledge and expertise available in the most challenging places in the world. 

Bringing innovative solutions where is needed the most.

Maurice kerr

Maurice's construction inspection and project management acumen ensures that our clients are never caught off guard.

  • 2011 - CTEDesigns is founded
  • 2012 - Real Estate Development
  • 2013 -Tri-State Shopping Complex and Cineplex completed under budget
  • 2014 - Consulted on and oversaw construction of new state capital building
  • 2015 - Participated in context for best commercial consultants of the year by the Chamber of commerce committee.
  • 2017 - Embarking in the real estate development project in sub-Sahara Africa.

emmanuel nkabyo

IT Manager

Z. A-Beng

Business Adviser


CTEDesigns provides infrastructures design solutions, inspects and ensures quality products delivery. We've taken our collective experience to create a unique methodology that guarantees success. 

alvin reeder

Alvin's business and cost management background have given him the ability to coordinate one of our busiest largest.

Steven Arrey, Founder & President.


Our mission is to provide world-class infrastructures. Our  day-to-day mission is to 
add value to client investments by providing excellent design solutions and guaranteeing product delivery. 

Darryl dunn

Darryl has been a successful commercial construction and Project Manager for 20 years.