The environment around us is at the mercy of how we collectively dispose of our wastes. Regulations are becoming increasingly stringent concerning the quality of treated wastes discharged to our streams and rivers and for residuals disposal. Noise, odors  and appearance are issues that must be addressed in communities needing to improve its wastewater capabilities. CTED personnel are well-experienced with community wastewater issues and how to address them. 




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Developing countries generally have the appetite and drive for useful, viable projects but lack the technical expertise to properly conceive, develop, execute and complete those projects. Developing countries need American knowledge, fortitude and energy to properly develop and carry outtheir projects. CTED has worked in many parts of the globe to bring clarity, strategy and structure to their projects.  


Industry and Commerce are great indicators of healthy economies. These industries and businesses are everywhere around the world and in every conceivable shape, size and configuration. They have needs  in order to crystalize their intiatives and to bring them to fruition. CTED has the knowledge and expertise to help industries and businesses relize their goals and objectives. 


Water is the most basic and precious commodity around the globe. Strategies and initiatives abound in almost nation. The need for suitable water supplies requires development of studies, engineering design and construction of projects to bring that valuable commodity to the end users. 


Federal Government acquisition and project performance requirements far surpass of local governments and require specialized knowledge to pursue and perofm. Federal Regulations are very stringent in all aspects which require familiarity with them. CTED hasmuch experience with performing Federal work in North America and other parts of the world. 


Our infrastructure is crumbling. Roads, bridges, pipes and facilities are deteriorating from years of neglect due to emphasis on growth and new facilities rather than maintaining what we have. CTED is well-experienced in all aspects of infrastructure development, design and construction. 


City, County, Township, Community and State governments provide all the infrastructure and services around us. These infrastructure and services allow us to conduct normal living, travel, business and commerce every day. Municipal governments reach out to private businesses for products and services continually in order to improve our environment. CTED is very experienced at providing services to municipalities and acting in the Owner's interest. 


Buildings & Sites

​Growing economies allow new businesses, commerce and services to proliferate for the growing public. These businesses, institutions and government buildings all need the right team to successfully negotiate the myriad of regulations, complete the project, and turn it over to the Owner for use. CTED personnel has the right expertise to work with Owners, and to procure the appropriate services for implementation of their projects.