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Value Analysis Value Analysis is not just a cost-cutting exercise. Bringing value to a project involves improvement in the areas of meeting vision and mission statements, goals and objectives, requirements and intentions, importance, worth, usefulness and impact on the world. A Value Analysis is typically performed in a Workshop setting fo rthe free exchange of ideas. It is a step-by-step process whereby inherent characteristics of multiple alternatives are evaluated for the increase of positive replacement value over the as-designed scenario. 

Constructability Review A properly conducted Constructability Review is not just another drawing review, it is a technique employed by Construction Managers to improve project performance. The Construction Industry Institute (CII) says a properly conducted Constructability Review can save 4.3% of cost and 7.5% of time. These are important project metrics to consider! The optimum time to perform a Constructability Review is at the 60% stage of project design. The 30% stage is a little too early because of the low level of detail in the construction documents and the 90% stage is too late due to the impact of document changes. 

We have conducted many Constructability Reviews with our specialized, organized approach to review project Time, Cost, Quality, Risk, Safety and Sustainability. Our approach to Constructability Review is to assemble a team of engineers and specialists to review their own discipline of the project. Their review will be from the standpoint of a construction contractor preparing a change order list for their prospective bid. This produces amazing results that that greatly improves construction phase performance. Change Orders will be reduced to less than 3% and chances for on-time completion will be greatly improved. CTED includes this quality assurance tool in all our Construction Management contracts. 

Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies are the cornestone of any civil engineereing project. Creation and production of a Feasibility Study may involve people in many places, therefore, organization and communicaiton are paramount regardless of the Study subject. Control of the Study with substantial Project Management techniques is essential. 

We have successfully performed and managed many Feasibility Studies, domestic and international. Let CTED produce your Feasibility Study. We will seamlessly integrate with your staff to perform and manage your Feasibility Study. Our staff is well experienced in all areas of civil engineering. 

Construction Management (Owner's Agent)  Construction Management is Project Management but with a decidedly more technical and construction slant to it to account for the difference in risk allocation, safety, startup, commissioning, and warranty assurances. The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) is the leader in the Construction Industry for setting the standard for leadership, organization and management especially for Municipal and Federal projects. 

Planning for construction should begin in the design phase to take advantage of a professional CM team's project and construction experiences. The CM team beings with the end in mind! CMAA recommends hiring a Construction Manager at the outset of a project is possible, but at least by the 50% stage of design in order to take advantage of CM Team oversight and their tools to assure better controls over constructability issues. 

We have managed many construction projects, large and small, domestic and international, using CMAA principles for control of project Time, Cost, Quality, Risk Communicaitons and SAfety. In addition, CTED's Value Proposition Pyramid is a natural consequence of valuable staff experiences in an industry that demands a high level of Integrity and Performance. Thei Value Proposition is integral with all our staff and operating procedures. 

PROJECT MANAGEMENTClients and owners want to know that their project is being managed in accordance with a recognized, substantive methodology. The Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) sets the standard for project execution. When the PMBOK is followed through the project phases- Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control and Closure- assurance is provided to the clients and owners that the project prosecution is being managed properly for Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Communications, Risk and Stakeholders. This methodology developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), has been adopted around the world for its strengths and simplicity. 

The PMBOK system can be implemented for all phases of Engineering projects but will need updating at the Construction Phase. We have successfully managed many projects, large and small, domestic and international, according to the process groups and knowledge areas prescribed by the PMBOK. CTED will seamlessly integrate with your staff to manage your project as if it were our own using PMBOK approaches. 

CTED's Value Proposition Pyramid is a natural consequence of valuable staff experiences in an industry that demands high level of Integrity and Performance. This Value Proposition is integral with all our staff and operating procedures. Let us manage your project!


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